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Here at flpnstk, we are all about forward-thinking ideas. With times constantly changing, you’re always on the go and your phone must be right by your side. To make your life easier, we know that convenience is king to make you successful. But there was one big shortcoming that always stood in your way—getting the true hands-free experience. Sure, there are a lot of Android and iPhone gadgets on the market, but can you really depend on them? We understand your frustration, so we used innovative thinking to help you join the wave of the future with the best cell phone grip sticker on the market.

When it comes to loving a product, we want it to be a part of our everyday routine. We use it because it serves a purpose and we feel we can’t live without it. It's what makes a great product “stick”.

We believe flpnstk is one of those products!

flpnstk™ is a product that’s guaranteed to “stick” around as the most convenient and reliable mobile devices mount. Get it?

The idea came about when our creator was driving in his car with his family and he dropped his phone through the cracks of the seat. We’ve all been there and it’s safe to say, we've all felt like we lost our phone forever in the abyss. It then came to him, why can’t there be something I can take with me everywhere that I can stick to multiple surfaces and keep my phone or mobile devices exactly where I can see them and use them? What if there was some sort of sticky pad for cars that also worked on mirrors, walls, cabinets, and other surfaces without any additional supplies?

To fill the void, we came up with the ONLY product that you can stick anywhere and everywhere. We worked with adhesive engineers on designing and creating a strong product that can hold various items and something that you can reuse. You never have to worry about your anti-gravity phone case accessory losing its grip.

We thought, it would be great if we could use it to stick to the back of car seats, to the bathroom mirror, or even in the shower – and that’s what we came up with. Our diverse team came up with flpnstk to achieve one common goal—making your life easier. We’ve made a way to turn your ordinary phone case into a phone case that sticks to walls, dashboards, windows, mirrors, and more.

Flpnstk is a reusable, washable, versatile, and lovable phone case accessory that makes your phone stick to walls, mirrors, and other flat surfaces. It’s perfect for all ages and can be used everywhere you go. Plus, we offer a large selection of different designs and sizes (coming soon) so you can personalize it just for you. We welcome you to try flpnstk and use it in your life to see just how easy it makes your everyday routine.

Are you ready to get a grip and get sticky with us?


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