How flpnstk Works

Getting Started

Are you ready to get sticky with flpnstk? Pick your perfect design and in just a few short steps, mount your iPhone, smartphone, and mobile devices just about anywhere. Take it with you in the car, bathroom, kitchen, or office—the possibilities are endless! Flpnstk is the phone case accessory of the year, and you don’t want to miss this.

  1. Open the package
  2. Remove the adhesive backing
  3. Stick it to your phone or mobile device
  4. Flip open and remove the thin plastic cover on the blue adhesive
  5. Flip closed

It’s that easy to get sticky with it!

Use it Everywhere

Tired of losing your phone in the car, juggling selfie sticks, or finding something to prop up your tablet? Flpnstk is the answer for you. The sticker phone mount will make your life easier. It sticks to just about any surface and it’s reusable. Try your stick pad for phones in the car for hands free navigation, slap your zero gravity phone case attachment on a mirror to follow your favorite makeup tutorial, or use your gadget that makes your iPhone case stick to walls to video chat with a friend. With flpnstk, the possibilities are virtually endless!

  • Stick it to your phone, tablet, remote, GPS, or even a picture frame!
  • Stick your tablet to the back of the car seat so your kids can watch their favorite shows.
  • Stick it to the mirror to follow makeup tutorials.
  • Flip open the cover to stand your phone or tablet up while video chatting.
  • Stay connected in the kitchen by sticking it to the cabinet.
  • Get everyone in the shot by sticking it to the wall for the perfect picture

It will stick to just about anything—the shower wall, bathroom mirror, computer screen, drywall, car seats, and more!

Wash and Reuse

If you’ve fallen in love with flpnstk, don’t worry about it losing its adhesive strength or having to buy multiple ones repeatedly. We’ve specially engineered the blue side to be washable with water so you can keep sticking anywhere! Our sticky pad for phones is designed to be used over and over again, and has been lab tested to flip-and-stick over 50 times before needing to be washed, making it one of the best Android and top iPhone accessories on the market.

  1. Remove it from your phone
  2. Rinse it under water
  3. Leave it open and let it dry for 20 minutes
  4. Reapply

Get the ultimate hands-free experience by choosing your perfect design today!


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