Our 5 Favorite Flpnstk Sticky Phone Case Accessories For Winter

Our 5 Favorite Flpnstk Sticky Phone Case Accessories For Winter

January 01, 2018

Flpnstk is the premier sticky phone holder that turns your ordinary phone or case into a phone case that sticks to walls, fridges, mirrors, and any other flat surface. While one flpnstk will last for ages (it’s reusable and washable!), why not have one for every season? To kick things off this year, we’re offering our five favorite winter-ready sticky phone pads!

Winter-Perfect Flpnstk Sticky Phone Case Accessories

  1. Coffee Before Talkie: For some, this is the only relatable winter sticker, and summer sticker, and spring and fall sticker for that matter. If you frequently have more coffee running through your veins than blood, this flpnstk sticky cell phone holder is for you. Adorned with the saying, “Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. Coffee understands,” we’re about one early morning away from going insane. Thankfully, when you have those early days and late nights where anyone who talks to you in danger of serious bodily harm, just know that coffee will always be there to calm you down.
  2. Black Maze: Does the cold winter turn your sole into a deep black pit? Us too. Our Black Maze flpstk is the perfect accessory that makes your ordinary phone case into a phone case that sticks to anything. While we patiently wait for the weather to warm up, we’ll find comfort that this flpnstk is feeling our pain.
  3. Respect The Beard: Guys, are you currently savoring every inch of your beard for warmth? We feel you! When it’s c-c-c-cold outside, sometimes it’s a blessing to have a full face of hair (of course, that is until it’s caked in snow and ice, but that’s another story). In the meantime, check out this Respect The Beard flpstk, printed with the oft-spoken phrase, “Trust me. I have a beard.” Our sticky phone holders will cling to just about any flat surface - which obviously does not include your hairy face.
  4. Jingle Bells Charcoal Snowman: We don’t want to be too literal about picking the perfect flpnstk for winter, but some of us thrive in these cold months. So embrace it. Build a snowman, go skiing, do whatever else people do in winter when they’re not bundled up on their couches. This snowman phone accessory is the epitome of holiday spirit, especially when that spirit lasts well into the new year. And while the snow might eventually melt away, you can count on your phone to stay put thanks to the gripping nature of the zero gravity phone case accessory
  5. Calming Wisps: Perhaps winter, where you live, doesn’t involve getting bogged down in feet of snow and risking hypothermia as you try to get to work. Perhaps your winter involves just a few days of cold, windy weather - just enough for you to feel the need to grab a peppermint latte at Starbucks and throw on your favorite sweater. If that sounds like you, then congratulations on having possibly the best winter around. We’re a little salty, to be honest. But at least we share a love of this super hip Calming Wisps flpntk, which is covered in blue swirls reminiscent of a cool breeze.

Flpnstk Puts The ‘Win’ In Winter

Okay, we’ll admit that was a cringeworthy pun, but can you blame us? With your own stick phone holder, you’ll be the coolest cat on the block. Just flip it and stick it to any flat, clean surface. Following along with a makeup tutorial? Stick it on your mirror. Pulling a prank on mom when she comes home from work? Stick your phone to the wall so you can jump out and scare her - handsfree! What can you do with your flpnstk? Find out by ordering your favorite pattern here! If you do something totally awesome with your sticky phone holder, tell us on Facebook or Instagram!