6 Zero Gravity Phone Case Accessories That Secretly Represent Your Favorite Shows

6 Zero Gravity Phone Case Accessories That Secretly Represent Your Favorite Shows

January 18, 2018

We all have that one TV show that just pulls us in and we can’t look away. With the emergence of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon original series, it seems like there are now four times as many shows out there compared to just a few years ago. While some of us wear our show merchandise loud and proud, others like to be a little bit more subtle about their fandoms. So, we’re here to help. Here are some of our favorite shows, and the perfect flpnstk to match them!

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6 Sticky Pads For Phones That Make Us Think Of Our Favorite Shows

  1. Steven Universe Fans Go Bananas For Powerful Lion: Look, we’re not afraid to admit we love those little gems! If you’re a fan too, surely you think Lion is just about the coolest pastel-pink feline around! If you need to feel like Lion is always in your pocket encouraging you to save the world, then this pink sticky phone case attachment with a geometric lion is the perfect option.
  2. Black Mirror Comes To Life With Black Maze: Okay… relating anything we attach to our phones with Black Mirror might be a little too meta, but we’re going for it anyways! Black Mirror takes us into a not-so-distant dystopian future revolving around the worst of humanity after technology takes over every aspect of our lives. Remember, don’t watch it all at once. Prop up your phone with your Black Maze flpnstk and watch your favorite funny YouTube video to clear your mind. Or better yet, put the phone down and take a walk.  
  3. The Walking Dead Fans Would Die For Unleash The Monster: This one is a bit more obvious, sure. If someone sees you with a zombie sticky phone case accessory, their first question is almost guaranteed to be, “Oh, you like The Walking Dead?” After which is an open invitation to discuss all the latest theories and scandals about the gory show.
  4. Grey’s Anatomy Lovers Will Like This Sterile Grey Pattern: Look, with how long Grey’s has been on the air, it doesn’t take an expert to know this show is full of twists, turns, and heartbreak. The subtle and clean grey block pattern on this sticky phone pad creates a labyrinth that represents a day of binging this show. So grab some tissues, get some ice cream, and get ready to watch!
  5. Game Of Thrones Fans Are Obsessed With Wolf Pack: Wolves, and direwolves, in particular, have played a huge role in Game of Thrones. From Ghost to Nymeria to Lady and beyond, it seems like every Stark has adopted a direwolf of their own. This Wolf Pack zero gravity iPhone case accessory that makes your phone stick to walls is the perfect way to represent your pride for House Stark.
  6. Bachelor Watchers Love The Roses On Floral Secrets: We love that this sticky phone pad is called “Floral Secrets” because most people keep their love of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette a secret! It’s no wonder with how much negative attention the show garnered last season. But the new season is well underway as eligible bachelorettes fight for Ari’s heart. And if you’ve seen any episodes this season, you’ll know we mean they literally fight each other to win over the Bachelor. While Ari might not be giving you a rose, we will - in the form of an affordable zero gravity phone case accessory.

What Sticky Phone Holder Represents Your Favorite Show?

Your phone is a great place to show off the things you love, so why not add a sticky phone pad to it? These high-tech phone accessories use a special sticky pad that can attach your phone to walls, mirrors, refrigerators, doors, and any other clean, flat surface. Best of all, they are reusable and can be washed to revamp their stickiness. Shop our entire collection of sticky pads for phones today!